Thursday, February 26, 2009

Leap of Faith

Not to long ago I wrote about how one person matters

After all a person's value comes from God

It's like I read somewhere when you realize that everything you have comes from God.

Well everyone does matter.

Okay Okay allow me to set the stage

Last week at the Singles Ministry that I attend quite frequently we had a baptism service.

There were 14 people that had signed up to be baptized last Thursday

Last Thursday morning the singles Pastor felt God impress on him how they were more people that needed to be baptized.

So he sets off to the store and gets 8 shirts and 7 pair of shorts all different sizes of course.

That night everything that the Pastor had purchased was used. Instead of 14 being baptized 21 people were now baptized.

I want to talk about the last person for just a minute he walked up to the Pastor and said "Do you think that God can love me?"

Well you guessed it the Pastor said Yes and He led him in the prayer of salvation and then He was baptized that night.

Thus all the clothes that the Pastor had purchased was used and instead of 14 people baptized 21 people got baptized.

Talk about a spiritual High.

I must admit I just wanted to sit there and soak up Gods Presence like a sponge.

To soak Gods love up like a sponge.

For you see the Pastor listened to God and as the Pastor tapped the rock God was faithful.

Well lets just say a lot of people had spiritual hangovers so to speak

Always remember you do matter for God knew you before He formed the Earth.

Think about it.

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