Friday, January 23, 2009


Throughout the years God has always blessed me.

Its easy to see Gods handiwork when things are going your way.

Its another to see Gods handiwork when your in a valley.

Friends have come into my life for a reason.

The lessons that God used them to teach me.

I used to wonder if they knew any other words.

After all regardless of the circumstances/situation they would just say Mercy.

If I was in a good mood they just simply said Mercy.

When I got knocked down they said Mercy.

Now don't get me wrong after all they picked me up.

In short regardless of the scenario they just said Mercy.

I must admit it was a lesson that I didn't learn overnight.

Long story short Mercy does indeed cover a lot.

God's Mercy is new every morning.

Good or bad God still loves you.

Bad or good God still loves you.

Even in the darkest of dark places God is there.

'Lo I am with you............

As my friends would say "MERCY!"

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