Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Vessel

God has indeed blessed me with a wonderful friend.

She moved up here from Atlanta.

It didn't take long for us to become friends.

After all she has such a sweet personality.

At work we did Secret Santa

Needless to say I think I got the best gift of all

Its a book about being a Godly Woman

Allow me to set the stage for you

This past fall sometime in August I got the rug pulled out from neath me

It taught me to have a new dependency on God

After all there is nothing like not knowing what to do except to keep my eyes on God.

I was blessed with Godly men and women who just loved on me unconditionally.

After all we all need that.

As my Uncle says we all need prayer.

OK I need prayer.

I used to love to reach out to the hurting and broken hearted.

Suddenly it was gone.

All I knew was to cling to God for dear life.

After all God had never left nor forsake me.
That is one of the promises that God made just to me.

Night after night I read the same verse
It was just 1 verse
Of course this verse was committed to my memory
Yet I picked the Bible up and read the verse
"The LORD is my shepherd I shall not be in want."
Psalm 23:1

I continued to grow spiritually.
I started a blog shortly after the incident happened in August.
Walls continued to come down.
As the walls came down it was as if God Had said "Eyes on God, Continue the journey."

"Eyes on God, Continue the journey."
I spent time crying about what was once in my heart because it was no longer in my heart.
"Eyes on God, Continue the journey."
So much that I didn't understand.
So much to learn.

"Eyes on God, Continue the journey."
Well lets hope your getting the picture.

Which brings me up to my Christmas present that I got on Dec 28, 2008.
As soon as I started reading it.
I started crying on the inside at work.
Not very professional but I felt the Holy-Spirit speaking to me as I read.
I was so thankful for how God used my friend from Atlanta to be a vessel.

We didn't meet until October 27,2008
That's the day before my salvation birthday.
This year I'm 18 years old as Gods daughter.

God started speaking
The more I read the more I felt the Holy-Spirit speak
Oh some things may have changed.
But you see my friend is very humble.

Then today at work she asked me if I got the bookmark.
I said yes.
She left the bookmark on my desk on December 29,2008.
Guess what's on the bookmark?


Still the only thing my friend from Atlanta knows is that God used her.
Just between me and you I'm glad I met her in October.
I'm even more blessed to have her as a friend

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