Monday, December 15, 2008

Just an Old Pair of Shoes

I went to a Christmas play last night.
Something I heard last night really stuck with me.
Allow me to set the stage

A man has a dream that Jesus will be coming to see him on Christmas Day

Needless to say He speaks to everyone the following day.
After all He wants to meet Jesus.
Just to talk with Jesus face to face.

Oh what that would only mean.
Well in a way that's what prayer is like.
Regardless of whether your in a good mood or not.
That doesn't matter.
Jesus just wants to hear your voice.
Cause He cares
After all He shed His Blood for YOU.
Cause He cares

One person is cold He gives them a cup of coffee.
He proceeds to tell that person Do you know Jesus?
He is coming to visit me today.
The person drinks the coffee and continues His journey.

Next comes an old lady.
He offers her kindness.
After all its Christmas Day.
Cause He cares.
He proceeds to tell that person Do you know Jesus?

Before he can continue.
This old lady tells it exactly how it is.
Son, when you get old, people just discard you as an old pair of shoes.
Just an old pair of shoes.
She says.
That's how they treat you.
Just an old pair of shows I tell you

He asks the question again
Do you know Jesus?
He's coming to visit me today.
Old lady walks off and says
Just an Old pair of shoes I tell you

Upon hearing that I found myself thinking its easy to have that mindset.
After all God gave mankind freewill
God waits just to hear my voice.
Jesus silences all of Heaven to say Listen......

There are 24 hours in 1 day.
7 days a week.
52 weeks in a year.
Yet I do not pray every second.

Then I thought Jesus shed His blood just for ME.
After all He never sleeps nor slumbers.
I'm alive today because of God, Jesus, and the Holy-Spirit.
Jesus knows exactly how many breaths I will actually take.

Yet Jesus still continues to love ME for me
Cause He cares

No wonder this man is so thankful that Jesus is coming to visit Him.

Sometimes it seems like Jesus just continues holding his stick drawing one circle in the sand after another.

Always knowing
Always loving
Always accepting
Always forgiving
Always giving grace
Always giving mercy
Always being there
The list is indeed infinite........................
Cause He Cares

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